Can Former
CF 5xx

Evolution of Aerosol Can Making 30% Material Savings

The leading supplier of advanced can making machinery and complete lines proudly presents the revolution in aero-sol can making. With a working range perfectly covering all sizes of 3-piece aerosol cans and the production speed of up to 500 cpm this masterpiece forms another landmark for the can production from superthin body material down to 0,13 mm, thus allowing material savings up to 30 % compared with conventional machinery in use.

In the 5 carousel stations, each equipped with 3, 4 or 6 spindles the following is performed:

Die necking both ends
Roller neckingc to final neck diameter
Spin flanging both ends
Bottom end seaming
Top end seaming

  • Optimized for the production of Aerosol Cans and cans for technical Packaging
  • Designed to handle body material down to 0,13 mm thickness
  • 20 seconds tool free height change system
  • "Lego-Style" modular tools, from 120 minutes for diameter change
  • Individual spindle speed adjustment for each carousel with rotating tools
  • RMS Recipe Management System

CF 581: 160 - 240 cpm
CF 585: 240 - 320 cpm
CF 589: - 500 cpm
45 - 73 mm
95 - 320 mm*
max. height of top ends 25,4 mm
max.height of bottom ends 16,0 mm
Gross weight 8000 - 15000 kgs

* body blank height (others on request)