Filter Industry
FEVA 446

Automatic pot pressing, L-shaped seaming and insertion of rubber seals

Specially developed for the production of high pressure filters. The filters standing on their inserted plates are fed to the machine. Transport is effected by a heavy duty indexing drive feeding the filters precisely to the individual stations for processing. After being pneumatically fed into the pocket of the transport star wheel the lid edge is oiled automatically and the filter is indexed to the pressing station in which the lid is pressed into the pot. Simultaneously oiling of plate and thread is effected. After pressing is completed the filter is indexed to the seaming station in which the seaming operation is performed by the high speed seaming lever bracket rotating around the still standing filter. During this operation the filter wall is bended in L-shape by means of the cam controlled seaming rollers.

double seam 37/min**
L-seam 20/min
72 - 116 mm
119 - 362 mm
Sheet thickness max 1,5 mm (pot)
Pressing force min. 20 kN
Rubber Ring Feeding*
Motoric Height Change
Pot Pressing
Ring Oiling*
Plate Oiling*

* optionally
** related to dimensions

FVM 296-So

15 / min
ø 60 - 135 mm
h 60 - 300 mm


FEVA 446

double seam 37/min
L-seam 20/min
ø 72 x 116 mm
h 119 - 362 mm


FVAG 369

60 / min
ø 56 - 110 mm
h 50 - 250 mm