Seaming Machine
SVA 50+

Designed for use in modern manufacturing plants and industrial small batch production

State of the art design based on the vast experience gained having manufactured and supplied more than 100.000 seaming machines to the canning and can making industry.

Advanced fully stainless seaming machine in hygienic and economic design. Ideal for both wet and dry canning applications due to the smooth servolike drive of the can transport.

Change parts The seaming rollers are mounted and preset on a special lever system. When a diameter change is carried out the whole lever system is exchanged thus reducing the normal lengthy setting time. The exchange of the lid feeding magazine, the seaming chuck und the outer guides, can be done in a few minutes.

Fully stainless

Hygienic and economic design

Closed drive system running in oil bath

Servo-like can transport

Precisely guided by double columns

4 seaming rollers with heavy duty bearings

Touch Üanel with text display

Design conforms to CE-regulations

3.000 cans/h
56 - 113 mm
45 - 250 mm

GSVA 365

up to 30 / min
ø 99 - 230 mm
h 120 - 300 mm


SVA 50+

3000 / h
ø 56 - 113 mm
h 45 - 250 mm